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Jacksonian Democracy and Immigration

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1) Andre Jackson's presidency was termed the "Age of the Common Man." However, a famous political cartoon of the terms Jackson, "King Andre the First." Jackson's presidency has been viewed by some as the "Age of the Common Man," while others argue that his style of government was decidedly undemocratic and certainly not in favor of the common man. Which argument do you believe is more accurate and why?

2) Immigration was a hot topic during this time period, and it remains a hot topic today. In what ways does immigration continue to shape our nation? Elaborate on your conclusions thoroughly. Do you believe that America is a "melting pot" or more of a "tossed salad?"

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1) Both sides concerning Jackson are certainly reasonable; the difference for the opinion depends on the group one sympathizes with the most. For example: rationale for the 'common man' argument rests on understanding that Jackson, for all he did, acted primarily in the interests of regular citizens who quite frankly had no other recourse or power of decision when it came to the laws of the American state. In addition to this, Jackson himself was somewhat of a 'common man' in that he was certainly not a previously established member of the government. ...

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The controversies concerning Jackson's true allegiance to a democracy and immigration's affecting of the United States are discussed in brief.

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