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Racial Tensions (1831-1865)

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How did people think about race in this period (1831-1865)? Was it neutral or were there racial tensions?

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For the period 1831 to 1865, this solution discusses the racial tensions between African Americans and the whites, including the related behaviors towards the African Americans.

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1. How did people think about race in this period (1831-1865)? Was it neutral or were there racial tensions?

According to Nell Irvan Painter (2004), who is Edwards Professor of American History at Princeton University, we can think of the Jacksonian era as the Era of the Common Man. And in a sense, it was the era of the common man, as long as the common man was white. And so here we have a great distinction between whiteness, giving citizenship, or standing, or almost personhood, and, no matter how rich you are, if you're black, you are not a person, or you are not a citizen. And so this is the other side of the Era of the Common Man. It becomes of the Era of the Common White Man. And in the 1830's, over and over again, places like Pennsylvania, new legislation inserts the word "white" into the regulation of voting, and disfranchises wealthy black men who, before ...

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