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Racial tension and multiracial families

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What do you think of multiracial families? Discuss the article at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/13/us/for-mixed-family-old-racial-tensions-remain-part-of-life.html?pagewanted=all

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I think multiracial families are great! I teach at an international school in Thailand and am surrounded by numerous cultures and many multiracial families. I have students who are Thai+ any number of nationalities. Most have Thai moms and their dad might be American, French, German, Dutch or Chinese. I have other students whose mom is Chinese with dads representing the above ...

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This post is a personal perspective, from the point of view of a high school teacher, regarding the issue of multiracial families. The tensions, stress and benefits of a multiracial family are discussed. Over 200 words of original text.