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European Unification and racial/ethnic tensions and xenophob

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As Europe moves into a new era of unification, there have been significant waves of immigration throughout the region. Despite strides towards globalization, there have been increasing racial/ethnic tensions and xenophobia. Choose 2 countries in Europe and discuss this issue. How does this phenomenon, in the countries you have chosen, impact neighboring countries and the region as a whole?

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European Unification and results of racial/ethnic tensions and xenophobia are featured topics.

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First off, as Europe moves into a new era of unification, you might focus your paper on the Roma people or gypsies and how big waves of immigration have caused hate crimes and violence against them to increase. As you cite examples of racial/ethnic tensions among this target group, I offer some research for you to try:

Research shows that attacks on Roma people are increasing as immigration issues plague areas such as Italy and Hungary. Research also demonstrates how violence against Romas at their campsites "have been reported in Hungary, Italy, the United Kingdom" ...

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