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    Ethnic DNA testing

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    DNA testing
    There is a new service available to people that are African-American that can have a company test their DNA to see which region of Africa their maternal/paternal line originated from. A man who wants the test done walks into the clinic wearing clothes that happened to be pinpointing of having formed an individual recognition with a certain society on the continent, signifying that he was looking to have his preformed notion confirmed. The test came back that he was of European descent.

    -What are the societal benefits and disadvantages to such a service, both particularly as it relates to those of African-American descent and further genetically and the responsibilities of the scientists in performing this service.

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    Beyond curiosity of knowing your ancestral heritage there are medical benefits to genetic ethnicity testing. Namely, this type of genetic testing can allow a person to identify their ancestral origins and alert a patient that they may have a predisposition to medical conditions predominant in their racial/ethnic background. People of African-American descent have a higher risk of high blood pressure, prostate cancer, diabetes, and sickle cell anemia.

    At the individual level, although this type of genetic testing can hint ...

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