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    The Impact of DNA Testing in Trials

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    Discuss the impact of DNA testing on pretrial identification. Do you think the use of these databases should be considered? Explain your position.

    See attachments - "Not Quite Like on CSI" and "DNA Samples Prove to be Effective in Solving Crimes."

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    Dear Student,
    This guide provides in the reference section a link to the BBC feature on DNA testing written by scientist Dr. Nick Baratt. I suggest for you to visit it, it provides good argumentation you can use.

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    DNA Testing & the Archives

    British genealogist & historian Dr. Nick Baratt sums up in the following sentence the value of DNA Testing -

    "DNA testing can provide invaluable, and often surprising, information about your origins if the paper trail runs cold...DNA matches are now so sensitive that according to statistical probability, only one person could have left the sample."
    The BBC, 2006

    Each living organism as proven by science has a unique configuration of DNA or the deoxy ribose nucleic acid. Whereas prior to the perfection of the scientific technology those analysis ...

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    The solution discusses the use & importance of DNA testing in law enforcement especially during pretrial when evidence like DNA can ascertain information, provide clues & confirm suspicions including identifying characters & perpetrators. DNA identification is a unique and almost fool-proof manner of identifying individuals and the solution concisely discusses a bit of the history of the use of DNA testing/forensice investigation in law enforcement. Attached is the word version.