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    Andrew Jackson

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    What made Andrew Jackson such a popular symbol of the "New Democracy?" How revolutionary was Jackson's "Revolution of 1828"?

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    Jacksonian Democracy said that whatever governing that was to be done should be done directly to the people. THis form of governing was called the new democracy and was based on the suffrage of man. The new democrats argued that if they messed up, they messed up together and were not victims of aristocratic domination.

    Basically, Andrew Jackson and his Democratic successors proposed to limit the role of government in the market revolution and in resolving the tensions among the sections. They wanted to abolish the Bank of the United States, set tariffs at low levels, sell government land at low rates, and leave the question of internal improvements to the states.

    The panic of 1819 and the Missouri Compromise helped the new Democracy to flourish. First, the Panic of 1819, an economic downturn, introduced Americans to a cycle of booming economy followed by bust, a cycle that would come to characterize the new market economy during the 19th century. The ...