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Abnormal vs. normal behavior

I need help in defining and classifying normal and abnormal behavior in culture.

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Defining and classifying normal and abnormal behavior on culture

The dictionary definitions of normal and abnormal are to conform to, not deviate from, according to rule or principle and deviating from the average, respectively. Culture is the shared beliefs, knowledge, behaviors, and morals of a group of people. The culture of the group is based on religion, values, goals, and historical practices. Within a culture are a set of expectations and acceptable behaviors. These expectations and acceptable behaviors vary among groups. A cultural difference in behavior or psychological processing is uncovered and is subsequently interpreted as an apparition of internalized cultural values and beliefs, such as beliefs about the nature of the self (Markus, 1991).

Native Americans and Alaskan Americans, for example, have the most different sets of rules, definitions, and behaviors ...

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