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Changing Leadership

Search appropriate scholarly sources and locate examples of case studies where leaders have faced problems maintaining change and buckled under pressure. Why do organizations have problems following up with change after successful implementation? Suggest ways to handle these challenges and ways to motivate people within the organization. Include a summary of the case studies you selected for this assignment in your response

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//Change Management has now become a stream of knowledge as a part of management practices. Managers have realized to learn and teach the change management practices in organizations. However, facilitating change is a typical task and asks for support from all directions. The first section presents a case summary of change management in the Corus Strip Products.//

Case Summary: Overcoming barriers to change in Corus Strip Products

Corus Strip Products is a UK based company, headquartered in Port Talbot and Llanwern, Newport in South Wales. It produces steel in the form of the strip, which is used in vehicle manufacturing, construction, electrical appliances, tubes and packaging. The company aims at being a market leader in the steel industry by providing quality products and value to its customers.

In 2005, the company came up with a new initiative called ?The Journey?. Here, the company wanted to address all the challenges without compromising with its core values. The program was about the values and beliefs of people in the company. It covered people at all levels whether workforce, contractors, suppliers and other partners. The program provided guiding principles according to which the Corus people would work.

Just like any other organization, CSP also felt the need to imply this change as they had some internal and external factors behind this change. The internal factors included poor delivery, competitiveness, high wastage and low staff morale. The external factor included new entrants in the market, changing customer requirements, new technology and ...

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Why organizations have problems following up with change after successful implementations are determined.