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    Has the new trend changed leaders?

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    How do you think leadership roles have changed over the past twenty years?

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    The business world has changed significantly from the year 2000 to 2020. Technology is one of the primary reasons for the change. According to Hoffmann (2018), the business has benefited the most from the advancement of technology, such as the use of the internet for targeting and marketing customers domestic and worldwide. Therefore, leadership had to make the parallel shift to keep up-to-date with change.

    What are the changes in leadership over the twenty years? The leadership change is mainly a mindset; adapting to a new form of leadership tool, and understanding it well enough to lead others. All other leadership traits remain the same: vision, goals, commitment, integrity, honesty, and ethics. Marsh, 2020.
    Let us take a close look at leadership in 2000 versus leadership in ...

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    Leadership is a skill used to motivate individuals to work towards accomplishing set goals. Leadership is the art of leading by example for others to follow.