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Please help me with my essay:

We can also mention different leaders, and talk about there leadership roles.

Here are some topics we went over in the class.

Definitions, Myths and Distinctions

Leadership Traits and Styles

Contingency/Situational Models of Leadership

Charismatic, Transformational and Transactional Leadership

New Thoughts about Leadership

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In the final paper we can also mention different leaders, and talk about there leadership roles.
Here are some topics we went over in the class.

You can discuss the role of leadership in Business:

Leadership in Business

Definitions, Myths and Distinctions: Leadership has been defined as the activity of leading, a group of people who lead. In the context of business it means using the characteristics of leadership to inspire, energize and motivate the workers in a business. In business today there is a trend towards globalization, and in addition there is an increasing use being made of information technology. Also it has been realized in business that the top manager may not necessarily be a leader, rather leaders who provide direction to teams form an important part in the growth and development of the company. What matters is a critical knowledge with which he direction of an enterprise can be altered. A leader in business may not be a hero similar to the one we see in the military. Hero worship is encouraged in business but only to the extent it help the employees to reach higher levels of inspiration and action. Also in business heroes that make employees dependent on them are not encouraged. This leads to disempowerment of heroes. The greatest contributions that leaders provide in business are innovation and knowledge.

In business, leaders innovate by showing the followers where the industry is likely to move next. Leaders may also lead the entire industry by changing the rules of the game and modifying the rules of competition. Typically, leaders have excellent interpersonal skills, on the other hand there are leaders who are absorbed in research or involved in impersonal activity and are mercurial in nature. Currently, the best leadership in business is provided by persons that are focused on the market and services that are provided.

Let us consider a business leader Samuel Walton. He was focused on the market. The innovations that he introduced have changed the rules of the retail marketing and are accepted even today. His stores stocked a wide range of goods at low prices, his stores kept open far later than other competitor's stores, he also started purchasing from the supplier who quoted the lowest prices and passed on the low cost benefit to the customers. These were pioneering moves, innovations that changed the direction of competition in the retail merchandising industry. Researchers are intrigues if there are special characteristics that set ...

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