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Trends in business ethics

In the 1980s and for most of the 1990's, the preponderance of ethical issues in a business setting involved discrimination or harm to the environment. Now fraudulent and dishonest conduct on the part of senior executives are capturing headlines and calling into question business ethics.

Why is this trend occurring now? What are the driving forces? What can we do to address this alarming trend? Does this mean that we have made significant progress in ethical behavior related to discrimination and the environment?

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To answer the last one first, I think progress has been made, but the current situation does not point directly to this. As if when it rains during a storm, we think the rain has made the lightening less likely, the reality is that one has little to do with the other. The focus has shifted and things may be better, but this is ...

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A discussion on the trends and focuses of business ethics in the last 20- 25 years. What has changed or has anything changed are topics.