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    two different brands of the same kind of food

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    Compare at least two different brands of the same kind of food (e.g., two different brands of pizzas). Use three types of comparison, devoting a paragraph to each.

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    Start with picking the food. Choose something you know like peanut butter brands, burgers at two different fast food places, sodas, cold cereal, anything like that.

    Draw a line down a piece of paper, head each side with the name of one of the items. Make a list comparing aspects. For example - using the example in the assignment - Pizza #1 - Family size is 12" Pizza #2 - Family size is 14". Pizza #1 - Sauce is sweet. Pizza #2 - Sauce is tart. Pizza #1 - Cheese is "fake" Pizza #2 - Cheese is real. Pizza #1 - pepperoni is 4 pieces per slice. Pizza #2 - Pepperoni is two pieces per slice and so on.

    Then choose one "category" for each paragraph. To continue using the pizza example: paragraph one - write about the size comparison of each pizza and go into detail about the size and the prices; paragraph two - write about one of the components of the pizza like the crust ...

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