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Organization, Economy, Marketing Strategies and Activities

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I am interested in how you would approach this assignment and the company you would assess and why.

Choose an organization and evaluate ways in which changes within the global economy might impact upon marketing strategies and activities.

Assessment guidelines:

A) Within a potential future economic scenario, critically evaluate the company's strategies for sustainable competitive advantage, segmentation (including targeting and positioning) and branding

B) Using the same future economic scenario, critically evaluate the potential impact of the company's strategies on customer behaviour

C) Identify and critically assess opportunities for growth within the organisation's

MACRO environments

D) Make clear links to the marketing theory that underpins your work

E) Write a logical, well-presented and accurately referenced piece of work

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Step 1
The company should be selected in such a way that changes in the global economy might impact on its marketing strategies and activities. The company must have global presence, must have opportunities to pursue sustainable advantage, segmentation, and brand development.
In this context, the company selected is Kraft Foods Company now renamed Kraft Heinz Company after merger with Heinz Company. This is the world's fifth largest company. The current background of the company is that it spun off in 2012 from Kraft Foods that became Mondelez International. The new Kraft Foods Group was focused on grocery products for North American market, while Mondelez became a distributor of Kraft Foods snacks and confectionery brands.

Step 2
The economic factors, Kraft Foods Group operates in are related to the US economy and the Global Economy. Currently the US economy is recovering. However, the global economy is still weak. The European market is still relatively weak. However, there are excellent opportunities for Kraft to expand in emerging markets. The global economic growth rate is expected to be 3.5. The highest global economic growth rates are in the emerging markets. The US economy has exceeded growth expectations while other major world economies have grown more slowly than what was forecast. While the US dollar is appreciating, the euro and yen are depreciating. The global economy faced by Kraft expects lower oil prices. However, the global economy may face lower investment, high volatility in the market, and some political instability.

Step 3
Potential impact on the marketing strategies of Kraft:
Kraft has ...

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