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Human Resource Intersecting with Major Business Systems

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How do the major activities and systems of HR workers (e.g., Strategic HR, Selection, Recruitment, Retention, Training, Performance Appraisals, Compensation, Benefits, Risk Management and Union/Management Relations) intersect with the major business systems of organizations (Marketing, Management, Accounting, Economics, Legal, Information Systems, International Business, the Quantitative areas, and the Finance area)?
Do they cross paths? How?
Are HR workers informed about other areas of the business? Cite the opinions of some experts (journals, etc.) who talk about the issue of how HR can be better integrated with the other actual business areas of an organization.

The answer should not consist solely of opinion statements, but be supported by factual information. As references, use articles and resources.

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HR systems in an organization perform a variety of functions like Selection, Recruitment, Retention, Training, Performance Appraisals, Compensation, Benefits, Risk Management and Union/Management Relations. HR assesses what staffing needs different business units have, whether those needs could be fulfilled by hiring employees or through independent contractors, recruiting best employees, training them, evaluating their performance, and ensuring that practices conform to regulations. Other activities performed by HRM include benefits and compensation, maintaining employee records, and personnel policies. Over the past few years, HR has transformed from being an enabler to being a strategic partner in business functions. Earlier the function of HR was to manage administrative work mainly related to recruitment of employees. With time HR proactively moved towards a more strategic role in organizations. Key strategic leverage points for HR are talent planning and knowledge management. HR aids in providing knowledge management as a source of competitive advantage by development of organizations' brand, managing stakeholders relationship, managing reputation and culture of organization. This provides sustainable advantage to the organization. HR plays a key role in aligning employees with ...

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The expert examines human resource intersecting with major business systems.

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