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Proposal with five types of information systems that would work

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Proposal with five types of information systems that would work well for a new small nostalgic record company (benefits and drawbacks).

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Information Systems proposal with five types of information systems that would work well for a new small nostalgic record company are examined.

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Information Systems Proposal
To: Nostalgic Record Company
Motown, Rec 45456

We are delighted to have the opportunity to respond to interest of various information systems that would work for your company. The accompanying proposal provides an insight into five types of information systems discussing their benefits (advantages) and drawbacks (disadvantages). Many companies use some form of information system database. In particular, smaller companies use some form of information management system through a database found in office software products. Five information systems that would work for your nostalgic record are: human resource information systems, management information systems, computerized accounting system, transaction processing system, and office automation system.

Human Resource Information Systems

Human resource information systems evolved in the 1980s from simple computer applications t virtual vaults of human resource information and processes. HRIS in a business is used for employment actions such as applicant tracking, performance management, attendance, compensation and benefits management, work force analysis, and scheduling (Mayhew, 2012). Many companies are utilizing the HRIS to supplement for the human resources department staff by making it so employees can find answers to common questions they would a human resource department representative.

The benefit towards using this system is the accuracy of information and the ability of employees and managers to locate answers and information without the need of a HR representative every time. Another advantage is the less need for a qualification technology specialist which would also cut company costs. With all of these benefits, there are some drawbacks to using this type of information system especially for a small company. HRIS can be a problem for a small business if their employees are in every department. But most importantly, there is the problem of human error during information input as well as costly technology to update the system and malfunctions to support the human resource needs (Mayhew, 2012).

Management Information Systems

Management ...

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