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Employee Requirements for Top 100 Companies

On one of the Internet search engines, can you type, "Top 100 companies to work for." Pick one of the companies on the list that interests you and answer these questions:
1. What company did you choose and why?
2. List at least 3 different types of employees in that business.
3. What information does each of the employees you listed need in his or her job?
4. Could the employee's job be replaced by an information system? Why or why not? Be specific in your answer.

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1. Wegmans Food Market is on the top of the list at Forbes. It comes it at number five this year and was number four last year. It is employee friendly and popular in the Northeast. The employees are encouraged to help the other employees and give rewards to other employees as well. This creates a loyal employee base, encourage cooperation, and makes others want to be part of the firm. This is high value for retention efforts and family members often recommend working for the company to other family members.

2. Three of the jobs would be cashier, stock personnel, and ...

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The employee requirements for the top 100 companies are discussed. Three different types of employees in the businesses are given.