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    Marriott International and its aspects of culture

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    Please assist with writing ideas for a paper on the characteristics of the company that make it one of the 100 best companies to work for. Discuss what the company does, aspect of its culture, and why it is successful. Your paper should be 5 pages.
    Sources must be cited in parenthesis in the paper following the item and the typed in detail on the works cited page.

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    Great Places to Work: Marriott
    What makes a company a great place to work? There is not one particular trait that can be singled out that makes a company a great place to work. Making the Top 100 Places to Work list means putting the employee first and entrusting them to grow the company. This is exactly the reason that Marriott has managed to make the Top 100. Marriot. Marriott International started from humble beginnings at the hand of founder J. Willard Marriott (Meet the founders, 2013). The companies mission statement is quite simple, "To be the #1 hospitality company in the world" (Meet the founders, 2013). This mission statement through to the point says a lot about the companies goals. The founders knew that achieving their mission would not be possible alone. They needed to enlist and empower people in their employee who would share this vision and make their goals possible.
    Company Values
    Marriott International is built on the core values of putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving the world (Core values and heritage, 2013). These values are not only directed at the consumer, but entrusted to the employee through action so that the employee can in turn bring value to the lives of the customers that they serve.
    Marriott International has a fantastic training program to help empower its workers to be all they can be. One of the first tasks on the agenda for a new employee is to read now Chairman and CEO J. W. Marriott Jr.'s book The Spirit to Serve (Overby, 2003). This comprehensive book outlines the history of the company from its beginnings, and gives the reader insight in the art of service. It covers just about everything involved in running a hotel, and in the best way possible. It even outlines 66 steps for cleaning a room (Overby, 2003).
    The rigid training required for every new hire is not meant to merely control each employee, but to empower each employee with the knowledge of how to do their job efficiently, accurately, and professionally. Thus, each employee not only takes responsibility for what happens at the hotel, but they also develop a sense of pride that makes them glad to come to work every day and serve the public. This service orientation has helped Marriott reach 8.4 billion dollars a year and has given employees a strong sense of belonging (Overby, 2003).
    The cornerstone of "the Marriott way" is empowerment (The making of a great place to work - the story of marriott, 2012). After employees are trained in the Marriott ...

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