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Companies' Electronic Training

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Discuss how companies like Mr. Lube, Aeronett Technologies, Marriott, and Durcell use electronic training within their organizations, using the attached JPG files for further information on each of these companies.

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This solution is based on attached case studies and discusses how electronic training is used by Mr. Lube, Aeronett Technologies, Marriott, and Durcell.

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To ensure more consistent performance from employees, Mr. Lube could develop an electronic training program. The company could determine the learning objectives that are needed by performing a needs analysis. It appears Mr. Giese is concerned with the workforce in its understanding of the technical aspects of the industry. These aspects could be indentified, and then a training program could be produced to show employees the important techniques and methods. Training could be delivered over the Internet. The benefit of using electronic training is that all employees would be trained learning the same technique. Also, as the industry becomes increasingly sophisticated and more changes occur, the training can be changed and adapted centrally. Presenting it to a small audience, to work out any bugs, could validate the program. Once the program is rolled out, employees should be tested on skills, and management could assess the program to determine any needs for revision.

Aeronett Technologies uses electronic training to train airline employees. Aeronett ...

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