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IT Strategy Topics

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Write an information technology strategy statement includes the following (there is no real company that is used):

A narrative that addresses how each of the following IT strategy topics will be diagnosed by the IT management team:
Business aspects: Business goals and objectives that are specific to the organization
Technical issues: How the organization will utilize advanced technologies to meet the goals and objectives of the organization
Organizational concerns: The impact on the organization based on the utilization of the advanced technologies
Financial matters: Includes discussion of financial constraints (or lack thereof) faced by the organization
Personnel considerations: Includes discussion of recruiting and training skilled personnel

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The IT strategy described in this solution is based on the healthcare field and the use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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An idea for a type of industry that you are likely to come across much material in your research for is healthcare. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are becoming extremely popular and the software is being adopted by many companies. The basic premise of EMRs is to provide a complete continuum of care for patients. This is because all providers being seen by the patient are using an electronic system for patient medical information instead of written, which leads to more complete care. Written histories are sometimes lost, not filled out ...

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