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    Marriott International Review

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    In regards to Marriott International, please answer the following:

    What is its mission/objective?

    Where does it produce/market its products?

    Does it use a centralized or decentralized approach for production facilities?

    Are its products standardized or adaptable for other markets?

    What is its organizational structure?

    Which type of international strategy does it use?

    Does Marriott make use of work teams?

    Based on the strategies that this company employs within the organization, will the company be successful in its international ventures? What changes would you recommend the organization make to help it be more successful in international markets?

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    What is the company's mission statement or overriding objective?

    The Marriott mission is to serve its employees, customers and community.

    However, the current objective is to expand in international markets and in the lucrative time sharing segment.

    In which nations does it produce and market its products?

    It operates in 67 different countries and has 2,800 properties.

    The company produces and markets its products by building lodges and selling them in each of those countries, however, what it lends to its properties is its brand name, its in-house expertise and the benefits of its reservation system.

    Are its production facilities centralized or decentralized?

    The production facilities are decentralized. That is the lodging facilities are located all over the world and are where the production and delivery takes place.

    The hotel chain has properties over 2,300 different properties in North America alone and each of these facilities has its own 'production' systems in place.

    Does it standardize products or adapt them for different markets?

    It adapts its production for different markets. A large proportion of its properties are full-service lodging, some are select service lodging, there are some timeshare properties and some extended stay lodging. Each of these properties are targeted to different markets.

    There are special services that target segments. One is the health conscious traveler. For instance, all the food served on its North American facilities is free of trans fats and all the properties in North America are non-smoking.

    What type of organizational structure does it have?

    It has an organic type of organizational structure. It is mainly horizontal with the operations manager overlooking the operations. There are several work teams each having a team leader. Usually, a person with experience is the team leader and such persons also train new recruits for a period of three months. Moreover, the team leader needs to understand the attitudes and problems of the persons he is leading. For example, if the cleaning process for a worker takes more time and he feels that the process will take more time than the ...

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    Marriott International Review is discussed in this solution posted in about 1,300 words. It includes Marriott's mission and objective, as well as which nation it produces and markets its products, whether its production facilities are centralized or decentralized, whether its products are standardized or not, a description of its organizational structure and international strategy, and whether the company uses work teams. Finally, a discussion regarding whether the company will be successful internationally is provided along with suggestions and recommendations for being more successful in international markets.