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Going Global with Marriott

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Thinking as an HR consultant, read the attached case study and answer (in 300 words or more) the following questions:

1. Generate a list of four actions that the organization can take that will directly contribute to thier goals regarding making Marriott the international employer of choice in the most efficient manner. Rank order the four actions
2. Try to think of international opportunities that would be attractive to recent college graduates. What would they be? What does the research suggest about the problems with expatriate attrition, performance and difficulties in repatriation and how you would recommend Marriott approach these challenges?

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The first action that Marriott can take to making the company the international employer of choice will be development of a corporate culture that values and promotes diversity in the workplace. If the corporate culture will be supportive, diverse pool of candidates from different cultures will not shy to come to Marriott. This should be the topmost priority for Marriott in terms of recruiting best international talent.

The second action should be to establish a work culture that fosters innovation, creativity, flexibility and conducive working environment for stress free and productive working atmosphere in the organization. Marriott should strive to make its workplace very friendly and ...

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This solution discusses the steps that Marriott should take to become a top international employer.

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