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    Please rank three companies in order of their relative attractiveness to your firm (choose any firm). Explain your rationale. It may help if you create a list of criteria against which each alternative can be compared and ranked. In other words on what basis did you rank the companies in the order you did for purposes of selecting one as your strategic partner.

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    Industry: Hospitality Industry
    Companies: Marco Polo Hotel, Waterfront Hotel, and Marriott Hotel (Cebu City, Phils.)
    Finding the right partner is an essential factor that affects alliance performance. It is a time-consuming process and requires careful screening. It takes time to be able to understand each partner's objectives and expectations. Among the criteria that can be used in selecting the right alliance are as follows:
    ? Partner's technical know-how, its managerial experience, financial assets, market access. Also included in selection is the number of branches in the locality and proximity of their location.
    ? Understanding partner's expectations and objectives and see if it will be easy for the two companies to structure the alliance. The length of contact with the company's management can determine the two company's compatibility.
    ? For cross-border alliances, partners must have compatible goals with appropriate ...

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