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    Collaboration and Building Trust

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    Please assist me with the questions below, attach is my Unit 1 discussion answer to assist with answering the question.

    Personal Example of Collaboration
    1. In Unit 1, you identified an example of collaboration from your own experience. Given the concepts presented in this unit's readings, discuss what worked—or did not work—in the development of trust.

    Tips for Building Trust Beyond Boundaries
    2. The readings for Unit 4 discuss virtual and global teams. This unit, add to the "Tips for Collaborating" you started in Unit 1 Add at least two tips for building trust when collaborative partners are not co-located, with a brief explanation for each.

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    1. An example of collaboration from my own experience is from my work in the team that made molded plastic toys. What worked in development of trust in my work team was appropriate use of skills for the production. Every team member was included in the team for their specific skills and each was required to apply his skills at the right time. For example, the cast iron mold maker was required to make the molds when the wooden framework was ready. The speed and accuracy with which the molds were made by the mold maker was the most important factors that led to development of trust in the team. When the ...

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