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Trends and brand characteristics

5. What is the impact of macro trends, such as the globalization of businesses, international migration, and conservationism, on consumer behavior? How will these trends affect the marketing of selected goods or services in the future?

6. Discuss ten characteristics of effective brand name creation. Then, locate three established brands that meet at least five of the listed characteristics. Explain why you think these brands meet the selected five criteria. Support your choices with logical arguments.

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1. We can see a couple of selected goods and services that have already changed with globalization and migration. Food is the first. Countries may still have local dishes which they favor, but food and drink is fast becoming more integrated as populations move around and people are more aware of other cultural dishes. Fusion foods are popular in many places. Like fashion, people are picking and choosing, combining different foods to make meals more interesting and more healthful. Preparation is changing as well. Websites like Pinterest and social media sites like FaceBook, allow people from different places to share recipes they love while giving access to people in other places. In the U.S. buffet restaurants now serve a variety of regional choices, choices from other countries, and variations of each. It is not unusual to find sushi, Italian, American, Indian, and Mexican food, with a Mediterranean dish or salad as well. And food choices like quinoa are now appearing in more diets.

Fashion ...

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This solution discusses how trends are changing in global and population migrations. It also gives the characteristics of successful brands, and a look at how Tide, Burger King and NASCAR have them. 667 words.