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    Assessing Marketing Opportunities - Explain how a buyer's characteristics will influence consumer buying behavior

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    Buyer behavior is at the core of marketing. All marketing programs need to begin with an understanding of why and how consumers buy what they do.

    1. Explain how a buyer's characteristics will influence consumer buying behavior.

    Next, let us apply what we have learned. Choose a typical product that you purchase often. (Examples: tissues, salad dressing, wine, tools, clothing, toys). Select three brands of the chosen product. Research those brands by doing a search of the brand's web site and the AIU Library online databases for the brand and its marketing strategy.

    2. Describe how each brand targets a certain segment of the consumer population (income, education, region, culture) by using specific features, packaging, pricing, advertising messages and selling channels (retail stores, catalogs, Web sites) to reach these segments. Identify the primary features/attribute of each brand used to attract consumers.

    1. Do you agree with the features/attributes used?
    2. If not, what features/attributes do you think are primary?

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    Influence of Buyers Characteristics on Consumer Buying Behaviour


    To understand the consumers and creating a 'purchaser' out of them is the prominent aim of consumer behaviour. There are a number of questions related with consumer behaviour, which are of perennial interest to a marketer of a product or service. The importance of all the consumer behaviour related issues is because a marketer is much sentient of these issues, as his 'marketing strategies' and 'strategies on product and promotion' revolve around all these consumer related issues (Kotler, 2002). In the strategies and plans of a marketer, he keeps making assumptions related with how consumers would behave and how they would respond to his marketing programmes (Kotler, 2002). Knowledge of consumer behaviour and his buying motives and buying habits is thus of fundamental importance to a marketer.

    Influence of Buyer Characteristics on Consumer Buying Behaviour

    In the detailed research that is conducted by most of the researchers in relation to consumer buying behaviour it is assumed that the buying behaviour of consumers are highly affected from their characteristics that may be his or her personality, lifestyle, involvement, ego needs and perceived risks. This perception of researchers is prominently true as we all know that whenever we go to buy a product it is always influenced by one of our own characteristics like if someone wants to buy a ...

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    The expert assesses marketing opportunities and buyer's characteristics influences on buying behaviors. How each brand targets a certain segment of the consumer population is described.