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    Social and environmental issues affect buyer behavior

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    Describe your experiences or observations with how social and environmental issues affect buyer behavior through the determination of environmental factors influencing the behavior of consumers, how cultural and cross-cultural differences influence marketing strategies, how subcultures and social class influence the decisions of consumers, and justification of the cultural analysis for a marketing plan.

    In what ways does your company use these tools, and how effective have they been?

    If your company does not use these tools or you were not involved with them, indicate how you think they would help your company and in what way.

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    ** Both social and environmental issues have a direct co-relation into buyer behaviors and their perceived attitudes. The social issue are concerned to the buyer's culture, social circles, background, etc, which predetermine how the consumer makes the buying decision based on how they believe they will be perceived by others they relate with in terms of acceptability. The environmental issues on the other hand deal with factors relating to where the consumer associates themselves with. It could be what is available in the market as an option, trends, fashions, expectations from society, etc. Given all these factors that a consumer is faced with, they tend to make buying decisions that will be in least conflict with the said social and environmental factors.

    ** ...

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