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    Effective Managerial Culture with Company examples

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    Effective managerial culture, including ethical and legal issues for job candidates, current employees, management and the community.

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    An organization's everyday routine is so inducing that many employees peripheral vision takes over and they become sidetracked and numb towards moral and ethical behavior in their organization's decision-making process; moreover principles appear to become abstruse in nature. Effective managerial culture should promote ethical conduct and discourage unethical activities. Ethical issues and legal issues continue to distract and alarm potential job candidates, current employees, management, as well as our society. (Bovee, C., Thill, J., Mescon, M., 2007)

    Job Candidates:
    A job candidate needs to appraise a potential employer's corporate culture to make certain their own personality and positions fit those within the organizational culture. A candidate needs to not only be interviewed, but interview the potential employer; or run the risk they will not feel comfortable within the culture. If a job candidate worked for an organization with little management, he may have trouble working for a company whose management micro-manages. Or if a potential job candidate came from a company who "cooked the books", he might really appreciate working for a company who adheres to all SOX policies and procedures. A potential candidate should review the company's Code of Ethics and any ethical issues within the organization. Candidates must realize any unethical behavior within a company can affect all areas of that organization from recruiting, hiring, firing, compensation, benefits and day-to-day responsibilities. Legality issues inside a company, often affect not only the business but their employees. (Bovee, C., Thill, J., Mescon, M., 2007) For example, due to the unethical behavioral practices ...

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    Diverse corporate culture provides special circumstances for those in management. A supervisors work mannerisms and methods should match the company's corporate culture. Management should be aware with authority, abilities, responsibilities and compensation; in addition, management should balance......