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    Create a Windows Form Application in C# for a car rental company.

    Create a Windows Form Application in C# as per the following guidelines. 1. Create a Form for a car rental company and set the form text property to Car Rental and the form backcolor to GradientInactiveCaption. 2. Allow the user to select from a list of car styles: Compact, Standard, or Luxury. 3. Use a calendar that de

    Create a class diagram (in Visual Studio 2008) based on the given scenario.

    Create a class diagram (in Visual Studio 2008 C#) based on the following scenario: When constructing classes that will represent objects in a system, it is important to ensure the integrity of those objects and be able to define the types of relationships they will form with other objects. Define three classes: a student clas

    Create a C SHARP program that includes the following requirements:

    Because an array is an object it must be declared using the new operator: int[ ] myarray = new int[5]; or it could be declared and initialized statically using the format int[ ] myarray = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9}; Because the C# array is an object member of the Array class it also comes with a number of built-in methods such as

    Write a C# program that will prompt the user for a salesperson's initial

    [Assignment2_yourlastname.cs] Three salespeople work at Sunshine Hot Tubs. They are Andrea, Brittany, and Eric. You will write a program that will prompt the user for a salesperson's initial ('A' for Andrea, 'B' for Brittany and 'E' for Eric), will take an entry for the salesperson's amount of sales and will collect a tota

    Program Source Code for C#

    There are 2 parts to this request. I need a program source code in C# for this algorithm and a high level view of the solution. Original info is at the end. Algorithm: begin Initlalize Leaded gas to 4.00 Initlalize Unleaded gas to 4.50 Initlalize Federal gas tax to 0.10 Initlalize Gas-n-Go service cha

    Machine Independence Programming

    #1. What does it mean to say that a programming language is machine independent? #2. Compare and contrast four different programming paradigms. #3. a. What is operator precedence? b. Depending on operator precedence, what values could be associated with the expression 6 + 2 * 3? #4. What does it mean to say that a

    Design a Programming Language

    For primitive data types, C# implements pass-by-value as the default. However, VB6.0 implements the pass-by-reference as the default. They both support pass-by-reference and pass-by-value. If you were to design your own programming language, which would you choose as the default and why?

    Google SOAP API Coding

    The IP5 assignment requires that you create an application to display output from the Google SOAP Search API. In visiting their Web site, I have learned that Google no longer actively supports the Google SOAP Search API. However, I did test the version that I have and found that search, cache, and spelling data is returned usi

    Help with Creating a Visual Net Project

    Below is the code created for this Visual C# .Net project. How do you get the First name and last name? Code does show me Salesperson's full name. Can you correct the code so that it will show the first name, last name and then full name as per instructions. Below is the instructions given and the attached code written so far.

    Building Data-Driven Applications: Example Problem

    A Visual Studio 2005 Project with one web form Use the Library and other resources to create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio 2005 that contains one aspx form. The form should contain the following controls: - Button control - Two TextBox controls - Label control - CustomValidator control Write a method

    Maintaining State: Visual Studio 2005

    A Visual Studio 2005 Project with four web forms Create a database with a table called "tblProfiles" with the following columns: ID - AutoNumber, Primary Key FirstName - Text LastName - Text SSN - Text Add several rows to this table. Use Visual Studio.NET 2005 to create an ASP.NET project with four aspx forms.

    Programming Concepts

    I need C# language, History, Data types, Iterations supported, Conditionals supported and hello world program.


    ADO.NET. What is it? What are its advantages and key components? How will knowing ADO.NET be useful?