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C# Windows Forms Application for Car Rental Company

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Create a Windows Form Application in C# as per the following guidelines.

1. Create a Form for a car rental company and set the form text property to Car Rental and the form backcolor to GradientInactiveCaption.
2. Allow the user to select from a list of car styles: Compact, Standard, or Luxury.
3. Use a calendar that defaults to the current day and allows the user to select a future date when the car will be returned.
4. Add a Selection Complete button.
5. After these two selections are made, the user will click the Selection Complete button that will compute the total price of rental.
6. The number of days that the customer will have the car will be determined by the difference between the current date and the future date selected on the calendar.
7. The total price will be the number of computed rental days times the cost for the model of car selected ($19.95/day for Compact, $24.95/day for Standard and $39/day for Luxury).
8. Display the Number of Rental Days: and Total Price is: values on the form in two separate non-updateable controls.
9. Add an Exit button that will close the application.
10. Each button will have a Light Cyan backcolor property.

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The solution contains a C# windows forms application form with a nice user interface using calendar control to specify the return date.