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    Car Rental Property

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    Graduate level
    1. New car rental property: specify the market location; non-franchise and near a major airport

    Outline the basic business model that you expect to be used to generate revenues across products or services.

    Select appropriate performance measurement approaches by outlining four (4) performance metrics and how data will be collected and used.

    Outline and analyze two (2) cost-benefit decisions that will have to be considered.

    Analyze two (2) possible approaches for attempting to achieve competitive advantage.

    Provide an assessment of immediate competition in the market you selected. 

    Assess two (2) potential risks to profitability and a mitigation plan for each.

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    The new car rental property will located at Saint Paul International Airport, Minneapolis. The new car rental property will rent automobiles for short periods of time, the time will range from a few hours to a few weeks. The main property will be located at the airport. It will have several branches and there will be a website that will enable online reservations.

    Business Model:
    The basic business model will be that the cars will be leased from the manufacturer or manufacturer's financial subsidiary. We will acquire repurchase vehicles. The manufacturer will specify the price of sale and repurchase at the time of agreement. The cars will be rented to the customers for a fee (1).

    Performance Metrics:
    Revenue per car, total monthly ...

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