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PAP coverage if a named insured drives a non-owned auto

Bob, the named insured, is an auto mechanic. Bob and his wife, Belle, own and drive a Ford. They have 2 children, Ben and Bill. Ben, age 26, is in the U.S. Army, and comes home to visit about twice a year. Bill is 16, lives at home and has a learner's permit but no permanent driver's license. Ben often rents cars on weekends and drives battle tanks as his assignments. Bob drives the church van to pick-up older members each Sunday. He also test drives vehicles after he has repaired them at his place of employment, Barney's Garage. Bill has been known to lend the family car to his teenage pal, Bubba. Once, Bubba actually lent the auto to his girlfriend, Brenda. Explain why or why not each of the following characters has coverage under Part A of the PAP (Personal Auto Property). Does the PAP provide coverage if a named insured drives a non-owned auto? What is the definition of a "non-owned auto?"

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Part A of the Personal Auto Property covers liability coverage "whenever another person suffers bodily injury or property damage as a result of you operating your car and for which you are held legally responsible" (Insurance Help).
Bob - he is covered as the car in question is his car
Belle -if her husband's insurance includes him, then he has coverage
Ben - given ...

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PAP coverage if a named insured drives a non-owned auto are examined.