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Selecting and Training of Branch Manager Car Rental

I need to Develop documentation(bullet points only) for human resources professionals to manage a specific employment position. The materials that I need to create would assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful employees toward helping the company meet its goals.
? The project deliverables will all focus on a single employment position. The deliverables are as follows:

Presentation on job analysis
Tips for the selection process
Script for orienting new employees
Training proposal

· The Employment Position I would like to base my final project on is: Branch Manager Car rental. Remember (Retail, Car rental, staff management, fleet of automobile management, sales of insurance etc). (bullet points only)

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Position: Branch Manager Car Rental:

Presentation on job analysis :
1. The manager shall have to look after the retail sale of cars from the branch. He must posses experience in management and customer's service.
2. The manager shall be responsible for training, leading and motivating employees. He must lead with example and so the person must be "a hands on" manager.
3. The manager shall be responsible for sales of insurance and so must have an outgoing personality, be self motivated and set goals for sales. The person must be one who sells and is responsible for profits.
4. He must have the ability to manage a fleet of automobiles, keep them in good condition and must have operations background.
5. He must have the ability to gauge the demand of related services in a fast moving area and devise packages for servicing the demand.

Tips for the ...

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This posting gives the job description of the branch manager of car rental.. In addition, this posting discusses the selection process, orientation and training of the branch manager. . .