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Systems Analysts Pseudocode

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Write pseudocode for the Citron Car rental policy below:

Saving a cent on Citron Car Rental

Citron Car rental has 5 sizes of cars that are listed as A through E:

A Subcompact
B Compact
C Midsize
D Full-size
E Luxury

Standard transmission is available only for A, B, and C. Automatic transmission is available for all cars. If a customer reserves a subcompact (A) and finds on arriving that we don't have one, that customer gets a free upgrade to the next sized car, in this case a compact (B). Customers also get a free upgrade from their reserved car size if their company has an account with us. There's a discount for membership in any of the frequent flyer cubs run by cooperating airlines, too. When customers step up to the counter, they tell us what size car the reserved, and then we check to see if we have it in the lot ready to go. They usually bring up an discounts and we ask them if they want insurance and how long they will use the car. Then we calculate their rate and write out a slip for them to sign right there.

The owner has asked you to computerize the billing process for Citron so that customers can get their cars quickly and still be billed correctly. The owner wants to expand the e-commerce portion of his business by making it possible to reserve a car over the internet.

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