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create Pseudocode for the program

Using the UML diagram and variable list , create Pseudocode for the program.

How do I created the pseudocode?

1. client type (regular or discounted)
2. discount value (10% or $10)
3. regular price ($35)
4. client name (or client number)
5. client mailing address
6. invoice number
7. incoice date
8. billing date
9. billing amount
10. billing period
11. account balance
12. late charge rate (5%)
13. payment receving date
14. time for client to send payment (30 days)


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Pseudocode is an outline of a program, written in natural english-like language that can easily be converted into real programming statements.

For example, the pseudocode for a bubble sort routine might be written:

while not at end of list
compare adjacent elements
if second is greater than first
switch them
get next two elements
if elements were switched
repeat for entire list

Pseudocode cannot be compiled nor executed, and there are no real formatting or syntax rules.

It is simply one step - an important ...

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Pseudocode is created.