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Visual logic flow chart from pseudocode

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Create visual logic flow chart from the following pseudocode.

Begin Program:

//Initialize program variables
Initialize Regular_Price = 3.00;
Initialize Premium_Price = 3.20;
Initialize Fed_Gas_Tax_Regular_Rate = .10;
Initialize Fed_Gas_Tax_Premium_Rate = .10;
Initialize Gas_n_Go_Charge = 1.00;
Initialize Full_Service_Charge = 2.00;
Initialize State_Sales_Tax_Rate = .05;
Initialize Gallons;
Initialize State_Sales_Tax;
Initialize Fed_Gas_Tax;
Initialize Gas_Choice;
Initialize Gas_Cost;
Initialize Service_Type;
Initialize Extra_Charge;
Initialize Total_Cost;

//User to input the type of gas loaded.
Display "Enter Type of Gas: Regular or Premium. ";
Input Gas_Choice;

//User to input the amount of gas loaded
Display "Enter amount of gallons: ";
Input Gallons;

//User to input the type of service offered to the customer
Display "Enter type of service rendered: Gas-n-Go, Full-Service, None. ";
Input Service_Type;

//Gas cost and federal gas tax for Regular
If (Gas_Choice == "Regular")
Gas_Cost = Gallons * Regular_Price;
Fed_Gas_Tax = Gallons * Fed_Gas_Tax_Regular_Rate;
//Gas cost and federal gas tax for Premium
Else if (Gas_Choice = "Premium")
Gas_Cost = Gallons * Premium_Price;
Fed_Gas_Tax = Gallons * Fed_Gas_Tax_Premium_Rate;

//Extra charge for Gas nâ?? Go
If (Service_Type == "Gas-n-Go")
Extra_Charge = Gas_n_Go_Charge;
//Extra charge for Full Service
Else if (Service_Type == "Full-Service")
Extra_Charge = Full_Service_Charge;
//No extra charge if no extra service was given
Else if (Service_Type == "None")
Extra_Charge = 0;

// State Sales Tax
State_Sales_Tax = State_Sales_Tax_Rate * (Gas_Cost + Extra_Charge);

// Total Cost to be billed to the customer
Total_Cost = Gas_Cost + Extra_Charge + State_Sales_Tax + Fed_Gas_Tax;

//Display of Cost
Display "Total Gas Cost: ";
Display Gas_Cost;
Display "Service Charge: ";
Display Extra_Charge;
Display "Federal Gas Tax: ";
Display Fed_Gas_Tax;
Display "State Sales Tax: ";
Display State_Sales_Tax;
Display "Total Amount: ";
Display Total_Cost;

End Program:

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