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Developing the Logic for a Program

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Develop the logic for a program that gives you the following menu options:

(1) Child Movie Ticket 3.00
(2) Twilight Movie Ticket 4.00
(3) Adult Movie Ticket 6.25
(4) Senior Movie Ticket 4.00
(5) End order

You should be allowed to keep ordering from the menu until you press 5 for End order, at which point you should see a total amount due for your entire order.

a. Draw the hierarchy chart.
b. Write the pseudocode.


hierarchy chart;

STEP 1: Hierarchy Chart.

Draw the hierarchy chart for the program.

STEP 2: Pseudocode

Write the pseudocode for the program. Your logic should include the following five modules:


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The solution develops the logic for a program.

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Missouri Foundation for Health [MSH] (2004).Faith Based Health Services.(PHILADELPHIA COMMUNITY MODEL PROJECT) http://www.mffh.org/mm/files/FaithBasedHealthServices.pdfe.

Philadelphia Community model project [CMP]. (2002) The Philadelphia Story Community model project : A coalition for compassionate care. Retrieved from http://www.supportivecarecoalition.org/NR/rdonlyres/91D8475F-4DA9-45AC-84D5- 92BEC56AE578/0/PhilStory.pdf.

Online Course Text: W.K. Kellogg Foundation. (2004). Logic model development guide. Battle Creek, MI: Author. Retrieved from http://ww2.wkkf.org/default.aspx?tabid=101&CID=281&CatID=281&ItemID=2813669&NID=20&LanguageID=0.

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