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Creating Pseudocodes and Flow Charts

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How do you write pseudocode and a flow chart that would let you put in up to 50 student names and 4 grades for each? The names need to be sorted alphabetically and the grades averaged and sorted from highest to lowest.

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First, we need to build a structure to accept student name as well as the four grades. It can also calculate the average grades. In OOP design, we can use a student class defined as follows.
class Student {
String name; // The name of the student name
float grades[]; // Grades of the student.
float avg; // The average grade
float avgGrade() {
float totalGrade
for (int i=0; i<grades.length; i++) ...

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This is a guide on how to create a pseudocode and a flow chart that can allow data to be sorted alphabetically and have grades averaged.