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The IP5 assignment requires that you create an application to display output from the Google SOAP Search API. In visiting their Web site, I have learned that Google no longer actively supports the Google SOAP Search API. However, I did test the version that I have and found that search, cache, and spelling data is returned using the Google SOAP Search API.

The documentation for the Google SOAP Search API remains at the the following URL: http://code.google.com/apis/soapsearch/. Therefore, please visit that URL in order to read about how to implement the Google SOAP Search API.

I have uploaded a zip file to the Instructor Files area that contains sample code for the Google SOAP Search API. The file is the same as the file that was previously available for download from the above URL. Please use the uploaded file. The applicaiton is actually a Windows application rather than a Web application, but the same concepts apply when writing your code in Visual Basic.

After creating your application you will need a license key in order to test it. Please use the following license key: fGeu2SFQFHKqFJQKdc1ih+DqpeKD4gOB

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Please see the attached application.

Getting Started
Once you have received your license key, you can create an application in .NET to create a customized search that uses the Google Web APIs Service.
Open your Visual Studio .NET, create a new Windows Application Project using C#.
Adding a Web Reference to Google Web APIs Service
We will now add a Web Reference to Google Web APIs Service. This is almost like adding a reference to a COM/ActiveX object, but when we add a Web Reference we now have access to all the ...

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