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C# console program to calculate commissions

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Three salespeople work at Sunshine Hot Tubs. They are Andrea, Brittany, and Eric. You will write a program that will prompt the user for a salesperson's initial ('A' for Andrea, 'B' for Brittany and 'E' for Eric), will take an entry for the salesperson's amount of sales and will collect a total of commissions for each individual salesperson. If a letter other than A/a, B/b or E/e is entered give the user an advisory that the entry is not recognized so they can enter again. Calculate the salesperson's total commission earned as 10 percent of each sale amount and accumulate a running total commission for each individual.

The program will loop to take inputs for any combination of the salespeople until a 'z' or 'Z' is entered at the prompt for the initials. If the user types a 'z' or 'Z' the input process will end and the results will be printed to the console for each salesperson.

These are the code construct requirements for the program that must be met:

1. Create a project called Assignment2_yourlastname and separate from that wrapper class create a class named Sales.

2. Sales class data members for a char letter input from the console, a double to hold each individual sale as it is entered and a double for each of the individual salesperson's total commission.

3. Sales class will have a constant (const) double COMMRATE data member that will be set to 0.10.

4. A class method to initialize class data members.

5. A class method implementing a sentinel loop that will take the inputs for initial and sales amount until the sentinel 'z' or 'Z' is entered and will then calculate a running total of commission for the individual sales person entered.

6. A class method to print the total sales commissions for each salesperson.

7. In Main you will instantiate one Sales object and will call each of the class methods in turn.

8. Internal documentation

The following is basic outline of the requirements:

class Sales
char //input character
double //four class data members

const double COMMRATE = 0.10;

public void initialize()

public void computeSales()

public void printSales()

class assignment2_yourlastname
public static void Main()
//instantiate a Sales object

//call each of the class methods in turn

The following is example output:

Enter a salesperson initial B
Enter amount of sale 2222.22
Enter next salesperson or Z to quit a
Enter amount of sale 1111.11
Enter next salesperson or Z to quit e
Enter amount of sale 3333.33
Enter next salesperson or Z to quit b
Enter amount of sale 2222.22
Enter next salesperson or Z to quit a
Enter amount of sale 1111.11
Enter next salesperson or Z to quit z
Andrea earned $222.22
Brittany earned $444.44
Eric earned $333.33
Press any key to continue . . .

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C# console program to calculate commisions. Compiled and tested. It is possible to enter as many transactions as needed for three salespersons distinguished by letters A/a, B/b, E/e. A commision of 10% per each transaction is calculated. When Z or z is pressed program calculates total commisions earned by the three salepersons.