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    Building a UML Diagram

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    I am using NetBeans IDE 3.6 compiler. I need to files called Calculator.java and Driver.java so I can build a UML diagram.

    This is the example problem:
    Write a Java program without a graphical user interface that calculates and displays the mortgage payment amount given the amount of the mortgage, the term of the mortgage, and the interest rate of the mortgage. In this program, hard code the amount = $200,000, the term = 30 years, and the interest rate = 5.75%. Insert comments in the program to document the program.

    I do not understand strings, so if you explain the strings to the variables, it would be appreciated.

    I will build another program using yours as a template.

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    Please see attached files. I have made it very flexible so that you can change the formulae or console display.

    To calculate the monthly payment, the following equation is used:

    • A is the monthly payment
    • i ...

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    The solution assists with building a UML diagram.