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UML Use Case Diagram

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There is a need for the church to update its website. The website is dated and determined to be end of life as a product. Need to understand how to create an UML Use Case Diagram to illustrate designing a new website for a church that will implement state of the art technology

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A use case is the specification of a set of actions performed by a system, which yields an observable result that is typically of value for one or more actors or other stakeholders of the system. Actors are outside of the business system are, for instance, customers or business partners, who use the output of the business system under consideration.

We need to look at our case study and try to locate all persons, organization units, and IT systems involved. Then, try to structure them according to the following criteria: Which is an outsider (customer, business partner, etc.) and what output does this outsider use? What persons are located within church services as employees, and what tasks do they perform? Which IT systems are ...

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