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    Object Oriented System Design with UML

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    ? Build use case diagrams and write use case descriptions
    ? Build class diagrams for static system modeling
    ? Build collaboration and sequence diagrams for dynamic system modeling

    This assignment aims to establish a basic familiarity with the object-oriented system design
    and the use of UML for system modelling

    On completion of this assignment you should be able to:
    ? build use case diagrams and write use case descriptions
    ? build class diagrams for static system modelling
    ? build collaboration and sequence diagrams for dynamic system modelling

    Can You provid with initial requirements collected at the first interview with the owner of a video rental store, who is ordering an information system to improve efficiency of his business. The system is expected to maintain an inventory of rentable videos. Rentable videos can be DVD, VCD and video cassettes.
    The client wants an information system to fit in the following business scenario:
    A customer enters the store and browses the inventory to select any number of videos to rent.

    Then, the customer brings the videos to the front desk where an attendant identifies the customer using customer's ID Card, checks the customer's records in the system, and then enters information about rented videos into the system. The system calculates the total rental price. The attendant gives the customer an invoice, which lists the videos, the total price and the due date. The customer pays for the rental and leaves.

    The videos may become worn-out. By tracking the reported problems over time, the store can stop renting the damaged videos. The customer complains counter that is originally equal to 0, may change up to 2 before the video is discarded.
    The renting price depends if a video is in the new release, or ordinary category. A video is moved by the attendant from the new release to ordinary after a month.
    The system is expected to assist in identifying those videos, which have been overdue. The attendant may request an overdue report that produces a list of videos followed by names of those who rented them and their phone numbers.
    The system is expected to assist in identifying those videos that make the most profit. To do this, the system needs to look at the number of times each video was rented and produce a report for when requested.

    Customer's information includes: name, address, and telephone number.
    Information on videos includes: title, style ( comedy, drama,...), category, media ( DVD, cassette..), number in stock, number of rents, user complains counter.
    Besides that, DVD and VCD includes: subtitles (English, French, ...), sound (Dolby,...) Besides that DVD includes information on: languages(English, French, Spanish...), the aspect ratio (4:3 or 16:9) Video cassettes are labeled to prevent tape replacement. The system has to contain a field that indicates if the label is damaged or not. You need to take into account that this information about functional requirements has been collected at the first interview and may not be sufficient to start the system modeling. Considering an iterative nature of the process of collecting user requirements, extend the description yourself making assumptions about outcomes of further interviews.

    ? A use case diagram
    ? Two use case descriptions
    - renting a DVD
    - moving videos from the new release category to the ordinary category
    ? A class diagram
    ? A collaboration diagram modeling the process of customer identification
    ? A sequence diagram modeling the process of updating the customer complains counter
    ? Symbols of all classes with their attributes and methods included. You must indicate visibility and types of the attributes, visibility of the methods and types of the values returned by the methods. If at the modeling stage some attributes of some of the classes may not be finalized, provide comments.

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