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Maintaining State: Visual Studio 2005

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A Visual Studio 2005 Project with four web forms

Create a database with a table called "tblProfiles" with the following columns:

ID - AutoNumber, Primary Key
FirstName - Text
LastName - Text
SSN - Text
Add several rows to this table.

Use Visual Studio.NET 2005 to create an ASP.NET project with four aspx forms. Use Master Pages to display a company name selected by your group at the top each form.

One form is called "start.aspx" with three TextBox controls that allow the user to enter his/her first name, last name, and social security number. This form should appear when the user initially opens the application. (Hint: Use the Session_Start method contained in the global.asax file and the Response.Redirect method.) Use Session variables to save the user's entries.

The second form uses a GridView control to display the contents of the database table.

The third form uses a FormView control that displays one record at time. Provide buttons that allow the user to display a new record in the FormView control. Users can only view the data with this form. It should not be used to modify the database.

The fourth form uses a DetailsView control that also displays one record at time. Provide buttons that allow the user to display a new record in the DetailsView control. The DetailsView control should also contain an "Add" button. When the user clicks this button, populate the fields of the DetailsView control with the data stored in the Session variables.

Each form should contain a menu of buttons or hyperlinks that allow the user to move between city forms.

Use a RegularExpressionValidator control on the start page that displays an error message if the user does not enter a properly formatted social security number.

*Please comment on code and briefly explain its funtion, Visual Basic Not C#*

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