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Database in Access and a Visual Studio Application

Create a database with a table called "tblMenu." This table has the following columns:

ID -This is the Primary Key. It has a type of Autonumber.
Font:- Text (Set this to unique value.)
Add at least five fonts ("Arial", etc) to the "Font" column.

Create a Visual Studio.NET 2005 web application with two aspx forms. Add a Menu control and a Label control to the form. Populate the Menu control with data stored in the "Font" column and display your name in the Label control (Barnes). Write an event-handler that changes the font type in the Label control based on the menu-item selected by the user.

The second form contains a TextBox control, a Button control, and event handlers that allow the user to add a new row to the database table. Use a RequiredFieldValidator control to verify the user entered a string in the TextBox control. Use Try...Catch blocks to display an error message if the user attempts to add a duplicate font to the database.

The name of your Visual Studio project should be based on your last name. For example, if your last name is Jones, then assign the name, Barnes_IP2.