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VB 08 - Three Web Forms

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Create an MS Access database called MemberLedger.mdb. Add a table called Members with the following columns. (Already done, see attachment).

For clarification, the instructions for the assignment require the creation of the MemberLedger.mdb database. The database should be created and saved as an Access 2007 database with the .accdb extension. The AccessDataSource server control does not recognize the .accdb extension so a SqlDataSource server control must be used to connect to the database. The database must be placed in the App_Data folder in order to create a relative path to the database. A relative path should be used because a relative path will work on any computer. A relative path to the database uses the |DataDirectory| token which is used in the value assigned to the Data Source key in the ConnectionString. The relative path is easily created by selecting the name of the database in the dropdownlist when selecting "Which data connection should your application use to connect to the database?" in the data source configuration wizard.

MemberID - This is the Primary Key with a data type of AutoNumber
FirstName - Data type of Text
LastName - Data type of Text

Add at least 5 rows to this table to facilitate testing of the application.

Create a Visual Studio 2008 ASP .NET Web Site with three Web Forms. The name of your Web site should be based on your last name. For example, if your last name is Jones, then assign the name Jones_IP3.

The first Web Form is a login page that contains a Login server control. Users cannot view the second Web Form unless they have successfully logged onto the application. Authentication and authorization should be implemented in the web.config file to provide this functionality. Three sets of credentials should be added to the web.config file. One set of credentials must use Student as the user name and ITP450-IP3 as the password.

The second Web Form allows the user to view and edit the data in the database. Place a GridView server control on the Web Form and connect it to the database. Configure the GridView server control to allow the user to view the records in the database and to edit a member's data.

The third Web Form allows the user to page through the records in the database and add a record to the database. Place a FormView server control on the Web Form and connect it to the database. Configure the FormView server control to allow the user to page through the records in the database and to add a new record to the database.

Zip the Web Site folder that contains the files

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Dear Student,

Attached is a zipped file that contains the VB.NET web project. In web.config you need to configure the logon. I have made ...

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