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    MS Access database called "Scores.mdb."

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    Create an MS Access database called "Scores.mdb." Add a table to this database called "tblScores" that contains the following columns:

    StudentID - AutoNumber
    StudentName - Text
    Grade - Number
    Add at least 10 rows to this table.

    Create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio that contains two aspx forms.

    The first form uses the Login control to create a login page. Users should not be able to view the second form unless they have entered a correct username and password.

    Place GridView and Label controls on the second form. The GridView control should allow the user to do to following:

    view the student's name and score
    modify the student's name and score
    The Label control should always display the name of the student with the highest score and his/her grade.

    Please name file U3

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    Create an MS Access database called "Scores.mdb."