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Data Connected Applications

CpCreate an MS Access database called "Members.mdb." Add a table called "tblScores" with the following columns.

MemberID - AutoNumber
FirstName - Text
LastName - Text
Add at least 10 rows to this table.

Create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio.NET that contains two aspx forms.

The first form uses the Login control to create a login page. Users should not be able to view the second form unless they have entered a correct username and password.

Place a GridView control on the form. The GridView control should allow the user to do the following:

view each member's name
modify each member's name
sort the data based on the user's last name
Please submit your assignment.

The App_Data folder is automatically created when a New Web Site is created using the ASP .NET Web Site template. The App_Data folder is created with permissions already set for the [MachineName]ASPNET user account to write to the folder. Therefore, you should place your Access database in the App_Data folder and map to it from there.

For clarification, the table name in the database should be tblMembers and not tblScores.

The application should use Forms authentication and the UserName should be "Student" and the Password should be "ITP450-IP3".

All of the required functionality listed in the Assignment List must be included. Please carefully read each of the requirements of the Assignment List. Tasks that are commonly not performed or are performed incorrectly include: failure to create the required fields with the required data type in the Access database which are MemberID - AutoNumber, FirstName - Text and LastName - Text; failure to use two Web Forms in the project with the required controls; failure to connect to the database and return data using the appropriate ADO .NET objects for each Web Form; failure to prevent the user from navigating to the second Web Form if they have not correctly logged in to the application; failure to bind the data from the database to the GridView control; failure to program the GridView control so the user can modify a member's name; failure to sort the data in the GridView by the member's last name.

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