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    Use of Data in a Retail Organizations

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    How is data used within your organization based on the functional support of your organization's IT system. Identify how the functional areas of your organization (direct client service/programs, fundraising, operations, internal communications, external communications/marketing) currently use technology to accomplish their tasks. What types of applications do they use? By what means do they access these applications (i.e., what hardware is used?) Who provides input to the system? Who has access?

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    Data Management

    I work for a massive retail chain in an in-store location. It means that the store I work in is just part of the chain that has catchment stores serving massive population centers across the country. We have data coming in from just about every department, every office. Within the store, logistics, stock management, HR, marketing, sales, management, and security - just about every department and every employee interfaces with or utilises data input machines to keep track of their responsibilities and progress and the current state of things. All of these data get stored in a server in the store and gets sent as well to the main IT servers of the retail chain's head office. Information and data collected is very important as it informs key management decisions as well as strategies and plans that affect the entire organization and our clients. In a simple diagram, since we follow data management as organizations do, the flow looks like this:

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    However it also should be noted that while information flows out from the central Information system, data also flows in and gets analysed. The data that comes in is analysed, processed and then made available for the purpose of the varied branches and employees of the organization who demand certain data to perform ...

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    The solution is a 902-word APA format simulated essay written from a first person-perspective explaining the manner and purpose of the use of data (I.T. - based information) within an imagined organization (in this case, a retail chain is used as example). Sources of data, storage of data and application of data are just among the many subjects tackled. Data input and data types are also touched. Access to data and types of application as well as hardware is also included in the discussion. References are listed for the purpose of expansion.