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Customers attitude toward the use of the web

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In what ways has the learning of employees and customers changed as a result of their ability to use the Web, and how would this change the interaction between them during the purchasing process?

b. How can retail organizations promote learning at the individual, department, and store level to improve salespeople's ability to manage customer needs?

c. What is the result from having customers make "extra purchases" related to the store's performance?

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Employees have the ability to use the web to gather information about customer segments,
about new processes and procedures designed as training, and to assess trends and changes in markets.
All these activities help employees better serve customers. Employees can take part in interactive
learning without having to use their free time or spend time away from their jobs, possibly letting work
back up. This may help reduce stress of job related training, particularly if they can access online
learning when they are able, during breaks or slow periods of the day. Employees may not take the time
away from ...

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